• My great experience at Dialogo Brazil in Salvador de Bahia

    Dialogo Brazil Today I want to tell you more about my wonderful experience lived at Dialogo Brazil, a Portuguese language school in Salvador, Bahia. Dialogo Brazil is located in the district of Barra a few steps from the most beautiful beaches of Salvador like Porto da Barra and close to the major tourist city attractions such as Farol da Barra and the historic center Pelourinho.... ver más

  • Portuguese in Brazil - attend the FIFA and the Olympic Games

    Learn Portuguese in Rio de Janeiro - the Brazilian city of contrasts. I guess you all know that the FIFA World Cup is taking place this next year 2014 in Brazil and also the Olympic Games are being held by Rio de Janeiro in 2016. Because of these two important events many people are very interested in travelling there, and not only that, but also in learning the local language: Portuguese ... ver más

  • To my host family in Dublin

    Life can take you in many directions and no-one knows what tomorrow may bring – tell me about it. 10 years ago, when I was 15, I decided to go to Dublin to study English. My parents hesitated a bit since I was very young and it would the first time I would take a plane and be on my own completely; nevertheless, I was very determined to do it; I was not scared but very excited about it. My mother contacted an intermediary agency that dealt with language schools and host families, and thanks to the agents everything was arranged for me to go there for 6 weeks.... ver más

  • 5 bonnes raisons pour apprendre une langue à l'étranger

    Pourquoi étudier une langue à l'étranger? Il est évident que la maitrise des langues est un outil fondamental pour toute personne. Non seulement parce qu'il vous ouvrira les portes de nombreuses opportunités professionnelles, mais aussi parce que cela vous donnera le pouvoir de communiquer avec des personnes de différentes cultures et ainsi de partager votre expérience avec eux.... ver más

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